If you are looking for uniquely designed sustainable packaging, Cyclic Design is your partner along 3 phases: Strategy, Ideation and Implementation. From the initial research into materials and supply chains, to finally launching a new packaging, we help you design solutions with minimal environmental impact and maximum product / consumer appeal.

we follow simple steps to develop tailored sustainable packaging solutions

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Material alternatives selection

If your current packaging is made from unsustainable materials or has a high complexity of individual components, the first strategy to be considered is the selection of materials and packaging formats with a lower environmental impact. We support you in screening sustainable material alternatives and packaging formats per product category or for individual items.

Sustainability & lifecycle assessment

We analyse each alternative material’s sustainability aspects taking into account its composition and end of life treatment. Recyclability, biodegradability, household compostability, as well as recycled or bio-based content are some parameters we analyse for each material or combination of packaging components. We create a scoreboard so you can easily compare these sustainability aspects over the entire lifecycle.

Suppliers sourcing

Our global network of sustainable materials suppliers can provide data and technical support for your specific packaging application. We create supplier profiles per material or packaging format, including the required production process and stage in the supply chain. You will also receive material samples, so you can match their look and feel with your packaging strategy.

Commercial assessment

Once potential suppliers have been sourced, we can gather quotes for you matching your quantities and technical requirements. Benchmarking materials for their cost structure and market application potential provides an insight into challenges and opportunities per material and packaging format. This allows you to make a final selection of material and packaging format to bring forward in your sustainable packaging strategy.


Concept development

Optimising your packaging might require a new design, reducing individual components or using space in a more efficient manner. We explore various concepts for design alternatives and material combinations in the ideation phase. Our ultimate aim: design the packaging of the future with attractive shapes, materials and features, reduced complexity and cost, and best customer value and environmental impact. Our focus is on reusable, long-life packaging with an added value and an optimal end-of-life performance.

Feasibility study

This step tests which of the concepts previously explored would be feasible from a technical and commercial perspective. We tap into our network of packaging suppliers, research bodies and independent experts to evaluate the benefits and challenges each concept holds.

Concept refinement

As a final step, and in close partnership with you, we decide on a concept to bring forward. To refine the concept, we create 3D visualisations which show the product in context and in use, and support you until real-life prototypes are developed.


Implementation strategies

We help you put the developed concepts into practice, by defining business cases in line with your priority criteria, your customer profiles and corporate framework conditions. We support you on optimising your introduction trajectory to put in place your vision for a more sustainable packaging strategy short term and long term.

Supply chain scoping & optimisation

We analyse existing supply chains to optimise them as regards material sourcing, conversion and final production. A packaging redesign might require the integration of new suppliers, ideally using local value chains for a better efficiency. Technical communication with suppliers would be make sure the product is produced at the highest quality with the lowest environmental impact.

Sustainability marketing & communication

Based on the selected sustainable packaging strategy in the first phase of the process, we guide you on defining the best consumers claims for your external communication. Our support for sustainability communication and marketing focuses on highlighting the value of packaging within your broader branding strategy, and your environmental stewardship.


Design the change from a wasteful consumption of disposable items to add value to your product packaging again. We help you decrease your organisation’s environmental footprint, support zero-waste lifestyles, and design innovative packaging in line with your brand and products offered. For aesthetic, simplistic and credible product solutions inspired by nature, please get in touch with us.


From Our Clients


” Designers can inspire you and show you different approaches to a problem. Working with Marilu has been inspiring to envision new ways of using personal care packaging. It’s great to see a designer so passionate about sustainability like Marilu is.

– Philipp Blank
Innovation & Sustainability Manager, International Packaging Development at Henkel



Let’s design the change from a disposable and wasteful packaging consumption. The packaging is evolving with the growing environmental impact. We help you on your way to decrease your company’s environmental impact. We support you to achieve your sustainable packaging targets as well as the aims set out in the plastic pact.