Design is implemented across the phases of the lifecycle of a product: end-of-life, production, distribution and consumption. New consumer products often follow a linear process where the product is produced, consumed then thrown away. Cyclic Design offers new ways of designing products which follow a more circular model. We design using lifecycle thinking. For each of the lifecycle’s phase, Cyclic Design proposes more efficient options, in order to save resources or reduce the production of waste.

Nepenthes is a revolutionary packaging system which enables the user to refill the content when it ends.

Oceanid stores the water used for washing hands and uses it to flush the toilet. The user can flush the toilet with the water used to wash his hands previously.

Biomorphic is a desk design made by stretching plastic between a top and bottom surfaces, thus reducing the amount of material needed during fabrication.

Aetherius is a public installation which generates energy from wind. Renewable energy harvesting is interpreted as an infrastructure to integrate the public.

Nektar is a refillable packaging system which is conveniently installed in the bathroom.

Modulo8 is a modular umbrella design aimed at decreasing the waste from the non-reciclable umbrellas made today