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towards a circular economy

Cyclic Design is a sustainable design company that uses lifecycle thinking to the development of products.

What is sustainable design?

Sustainable design takes into consideration the entire lifecycle of a product, not only the way it looks. We analyse the main phases of product’s lifecycle: production, distribution, consumption and end-of-life. Designing a prodcut means for us optimising its lifecyle. 

Cyclic Design provides sustainable design consultancy on best practices for sustainability applied to product design. We strive to develop more ecological products, taking into consideration their entire lifecycle. 


Sustainability strategy

When designing a product, we strive to achieve a more circular lifecycle. In opposition to a linear disposable model, we design products which live longer and are re-usable or recyclable.


Design creation

We use creative approaches to an environmetal challenge. Creativity can push the boundaries of societal conventions. When we set the right parameters we can start to design!


Environmental design covers various aspects of a product, from the way it looks to the way you interact with it. We offer a range of technical services, from sketching to 3d modeling to UX design.


Once the design has been defined, today’s rapid prototyping technology, such as 3d printing, enable to quickly realise a prototype and test it.

the guidelines for sustainable products

Sustainability as a mega-trend has been explored by various institutions and companies. As a result, it follows guidelines related to production and materials, energy efficiency, waste minimisation, recyclability as well as new circular business models.

Circular Economy

Cradle to Cradle

Eco Design


Our design process starts with the analyis of environmental issues, starting with waste reduction.



The Nepenthes bottle is a reusable packaging system for personal care products, as an alternative to disposable plastic packaging. The product is mono-material and does not require separation of different components. It is virtually a cap-less bottle.



binee incentives people to recycle their old electronic devices. By installing e-waste collection points in conventient locations, people can recycle their old electronics and get a reward back.



Oceanid saves water by re-using the water from hand-washing for flulshing the toilet. The system integrates a tank which stores the water from hand-washing and uses it for flushing.

Our Skills

In order to go from an idea to product, Cyclic Design follows the procecss form concept development to prototyping. Technical skills such as 3D modeling, rendering, user experience and digital fabrication are essential. 

  • concept development

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From Our Clients

Clients appreciate the multidisciplinary approach to the work offered.

“Designers can inspire you and show you different approaches to a problem. Working with Marilu has been inspiring to envision new ways of using personal care packaging. It’s great to see a designer so passionate about sustainability like Marilu is.

Philippe Blank

Innovation & Sustainability Manager, International Packaging Development, Henkel Beauty Care

“Working with a designer like Marilu has enhanced our brand identity and helped us making our stance more attractive to our target audience. Her work is an admirable proof of the role of design to create a sustainable business.”

Albert Mantel

Managing Director, Optimax Energy


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Four strategies to develop eco design products

What is the lifecycle of a product? For designers, aesthetics are definitively important to make people interested in using the product. However, the designer's role goes beyond that. In fact, the design of a product starts at the beginning of the product’s lifecycle,...

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The journey to sustainable design

Designers are often thought to make things look pretty. For me, design goes way beyond that. Design has a big role to play in the entire life cycle of a product. I strongly believe it is the responsibility of the designer to understand how a product is manufactured,...

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A passionate multi-disciplinary team

Award winning designs

Our products have been recognised at international level as we push the boundaries of design beyond aesthetics including the entire product’s lifecycle.

Design is a tool to spark more sustainable habits.