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Nektar is a refillable packaging system which is conveniently installed in the bathroom.


Sustainable packaging design
Distribution phase



environmental issue

Our environmental impact targets the reduction of disposable plastic packaging. The design would encourage consumers to re-use the packaging as much as possible. The aim is to keep containers for years (rather than months). 

Nektar is a refillable alternative to single-use plastic bottles. The user buys the plastic bottle only once. Thereafter, he buy only the content (so shampoo, shower gels, conditioner) in the form of solid concentrate.

The design of Nektar is a new way to interact with personal care bottles.


Nektar bottle
Nektar bottles are refillable plastic bottles for personal care products such as shampoo, shower gel and conditioner. The consumer can buy the Nektar botlles on the Nektar website or on Amazon. The bottles would be a one-time purchase.

Nektar drops
The Nektar drops are the content of the Nektar bottles. They are solid concentrate of shampoo or shower gel or conditioner. The consumer can buy the Nektar drops on the Nektar website or on Amazon. These would be recurrent sales as whenever the content runs out, the user orders new refills. The drops would be sold as a package of 5 or 10 or 20 (selling them individually would make the revenues too low).