binee incentives people to recycle their old electronic devices. By installing e-waste collection points in conventient location, people can recycle their old electronics and get a reward back.


E-waste reduction

environmental issue

The collection rates of electronic waste (e-waste) are below 40% in EU, since the majority of it is staying in households or goes into household waste, is dumped illegally or enters illegal export. This part is ending up in informal recycling, hazardous to workers and environment. At the same time, the amount of sold electronic and electrical equipment is rising every year.


binee is a new concept of how electronic waste disposal can be rewarded – the binee collection box, which rewards a user who deposits an e-waste device, with a coupon (e.g. a new device at one of binee’s coupon partners). The binee collection boxes are interactive collection points for consumers‘ electronic waste located in convenient locations around the city. Whenever you have a broken or old device, you can check where your nearest binee is, insert the device inside the binee and redeem a coupon of your choice.